About Us

The Recipe for a Great Cafe

With a passion for cooking great food, a desire to excel and over 35 years experience in customer service, Michele Keogh set out to open a cafe’ that could stand apart from those of her competitors.

In many ways, the recipe for a truly great cafe is a lot like the recipe for an exceptional meal. It takes the combination of a variety of ingredients, time and a lot of loving care. Latte’ Mor is the culmination of Michele’s dreams – an irresistable concoction derived from a genuine love of food, traditional family recipes, relaxing ambiance, excellent customer service, hard work and dedication. Did I mention that the Merlo coffee is amazing too?

“A good cafe isn’t just about the coffee though. It’s also about the ambiance. A good cafe has a relaxed feel to it. It feels homey and is a great place to sit and chat. The aroma of coffee subtly, deliciously scents the air, giving everyone a chance to unwind.” – brewed-coffee.com

This quote really defines what Latte’ Mor is about – providing a place for people to go where they can feel relaxed and comfortable, where conversation can unfold over a beautifully brewed coffee, where the food is presented with care and a focus on flavour that manufactured foods so often lack. There is also an effort to cater for everyone with a menu that includes:


  • A range of gluten free sweets and savouries.
  • Nutritious selections for the more health conscious including freshly made juices.
  • Child friendly options.
  • Traditional recipes that can take you back to Grandma’s kitchen.

A Focus on Community

Yet another element of Latte’ Mor that sets them apart from larger, chain style outlets is a genuine focus on the local neighbourhood. Michele and her staff are locals who take pride in the Helensvale and wider Gold Coast community. They take the time to get to know locals by name, to remember favourite dishes and care about their regulars.

Where possible, fresh produce is also purchased from local suppliers as are some of the extra treats that can show up in the showcase. Buying local helps to support the economy of the region and looks after members of our own area.

There simply aren’t enough words to spell out all of the reasons to give Latte’ Mor a chance to impress, it’s something you need to experience for yourself. So head on in to Helensvale Plaza, find a comfy seat, order yourself something special and enjoy! We look forward to seeing you soon.